We are pleased to reintroduce the classic version of the archive with enhanced search functionality across Mother's entire 49-year history. With this version of the archive, you can search for articles about earth-sheltered homes, cheap solar power, organic gardening techniques, raising chickens, beekeeping, do-it-yourself projects, delicious recipes, and much more. Find almost every story, tip and technique published in the magazine and online from 1970-2018 … more than 22,000 articles!

    Confused about the difference between our two archive products? These are the key distinctions:

    • The Multiplatform Edition contains files for each year of the magazine in a format that can be transferred for viewing and searching on multiple devices. The content can only be viewed and searched year by year. The content on the Multiplatform archive appears as the magazine itself, so you can simulate flipping through each page.
    • The Classic Edition provides a browser-based interface for accessing the archive on your desktop computer or laptop. You can do advanced searches and view content from the entire 49-year archive, all at once!

    The archive content is now available on USB flash drives. Increasingly, computers and laptops are sold without DVD drives but with USB ports. With the archive available on a USB flash drive, you can upload and access Mother Earth News articles without needing an external DVD drive. Note: Some tablets and mobile devices are equipped with USB ports, allowing access to archive content without having to first upload the flash drive's content to a computer.

    The Classic Archive Edition on USB may also be used on tablets equipped with USB ports (Android or Windows tablets). At least 1.6 GB of storage space is recommended for it to run the most efficiently on these devices.

    Please Note: We recommend using the Firefox Web browser to view this USB. You can download Firefox here.

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